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Note: This post has been in the queue for a few weeks. I’m hoping to be a bit better at typing by tomorrow after having my fingers squished in a car window. I have a really cool post about sexual orientation/identity coming up that I’m hoping for a lot of feedback on, so please share and respond!

So when’s the last time you got tested for STIs? One of the best and/or worst things about being non-monogamous is that you’re a lot more aware of your risk for a sexually transmitted infection. (Oh yes, I’m being pretentious and using the proper term. )

On one hand, it’s a pain in the ass. The health department was efficient, if not truly quick, but I’ve never had a doctor completely ignore me and talk about her shoulder surgery to the nurse while shoving a speculum up my hoo-ha.  Believe me, I’ll be seeing my family doc from here on out.  I had to go over my lunch due to their STI clinic hours, and calling back for results was inconvenient as hell.

On the other hand though, I am STI free and can prove it.  Despite primarily having protected sex for the past year, this only lowers my risk, not removes it. And getting to a point in a relationship where condoms are not necessary is a good thing for me!   But I’m responsible not only for my sexual health, but also my partners’ health and their partners’ health.  My irresponsibility can affect them, and vice-versa, so it’s good non-monogamy to be tested on a regular basis. Kind of like getting a period even when you know you’ve used birth control, it’s that reassurance that I haven’t screwed anything up.

I don’t know any of my mono friends who get tested at all – at least no one’s told me!- but if anyone out there has experience to the contrary, let me know.



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Ok you guys. This is NOT safe for work, you’ve been absolutely warned. Continue reading


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My apologies in advance for how rambling this post is, but read the post and you’ll probably understand why it is this way.

I’m broke, aching and worn out. Let me rewind a bit. I drove up to visit Will yesterday after work (yeah I get to work on holidays, go me…) he was running two test games of D&D “Next”. We had a blast, honestly, give it a shot if you know someone in the beta. I managed to make it up there without spending any actual money thanks to a horded gas card from two Christmases ago and a ten cent discount from a Kroger Plus card.

Will and his other girlfriend cooked a ton of food, brats and burgers on the grill, pasta salad, roasted potatoes, queso, buffalo chicken dip…have I mentioned my guy can cook? (Our guy? One of my guys?) Game was fun, and we got some cuddle times after. I’d hoped to spend the night, but we both needed better sleep than that.

Which leads me to…I really hate goodbyes. Why do I hate goodbyes? I hate being alone.

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Time is Money… which is why there’s never enough of either.

Watch and coinsSo, I woke up this morning to a negative bank balance of WTF. How did this happen? I was $500 ahead, right? So I check my account and realize that I have fucked up royally.  I moved my already meager savings over to checking and then drove through an ATM on the way to work to deposit some money from my graduation (Mental note: I really need to finish my thank you notes…)

Does everyone cringe before looking at their bank account balance or is that just me?  Is this some habit of avoidance I’ve developed because I’ve always felt short on money? (Answer: Yes.) Or is it something that everyone does?

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