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So hello everyone, welcome to my blog that is just about… me 🙂

Who are you?  I’m a polyamorous, pansexual, geeky girl from the Midwest.

What do your crazy words mean?

  • Polyamorous – I’m non-monogamous. I date multiple people at the same time and it’s all open and honest.
  • Pansexual – It would be easier just to say ‘bisexual’ right? Short version: Gender doesn’t typically play into my interest in sexual or romantic partners. Long version will get its own post
  • Geeky – I think these days this speaks for itself right? I LARP; I play tabletop RPGs; I get together with my friends for boardgame night and am an on-again/off-again MMORPG player too.

There are a lot of other words to describe me, but since these are kind of in the name of my blog, I figured I’d start here.

What will this blog be about?   Me. I think I might be interesting enough to catch the attention of some people, but even if I’m not I have too that I want to write about to keep it to myself. So even if I only interest myself, this should be fun!



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