Liminal Spaces

Thresholds. Crossroads. Liminal spaces are the places between A and B. Between beginning and ending. From when school is completed to the conferral of the degree. When the seniors have left but the junior year isn’t done yet.

I feel stuck in liminal space. I feel like not quite an adult, but clearly no longer a child. I’m not married, but not single. I’m not quite fully poly, but neither am I monogamous. I’m still in a job I’m unhappy with, and haven’t moved to something different. I feel stuck in place at times.

I’m tired of being at the crossroads. I need to push on, I get told I need to push on. I KNOW I need to push on and move forward in life. I don’t know what is stopping me – laziness? ADHD? Getting comfortable?

I think I know what I want, but why aren’t I pursuing it? All I know is I’ve been exhausted for the past two weeks because my job stresses me out. I know that my relationships aren’t working the way I want them to, and I want and need to enact change.

But doesn’t that just sound so buzzwordy… “enact change.” It’s a great way to say I’m doing something without doing it. Time to move forward.
Time to quit waiting, quit hesitating, and live.


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