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Weekend Geekery

This evening I have a World of Darkness game to play in – we’re something of a mixed bag as far as where we’re going with it – and I may or may not be gaming some on Monday depending on if I stay in town with friends or family or visit Will for a Pathfinder or D&D beta game. I may even see daylight.. outdoors. (And this sticks well within my “don’t spend money because you don’t feckin’ have any” rule.)


  • Tor.com just did an article on World of Darkness if you’re curious
  • Matt Smith carried the torch!
  • BLACKOUT is a fantastic book.  Have you read the Newsflesh series? Zombies? Bloggers? My favorite author ever (under a pen name)?  Read them all!
  • Watch Stephen Fry in America. I’m entertained enough by it that I’m getting no cleaning done in my kitchen.

And, I recommend the game We Didn’t Playtest This At All for a silly, short and fun card game. I got it for fairly cheap on Amazon, but it looks more expensive there now.  It’s ridiculous and awesome for it.


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