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Welcome back

I feel the urge to write and get my feelings and thoughts out and down onto paper, er… screen. And I suppose that I feel like I’m finally in a place where my experiences can also be useful to other people. This isn’t because everything is roses and rainbows, but because I am very secure in myself… most of the time, and my insecurities are the type that need a good long workout, not just a quick jog around the block.

The next couple of posts will be a current status, and a catch-up history of the past year or so since I last blogged.

Anyone out there reading please let me know what you’d like to see here besides my own random thoughts – movie reviews? books? news stories? I don’t really know what I want to make out of this thing here yet.

I’m going to try to sticky this for a bit to keep it at the top of things for feedback purposes, when I actually have some readers!




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