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Note: This post has been in the queue for a few weeks. I’m hoping to be a bit better at typing by tomorrow after having my fingers squished in a car window. I have a really cool post about sexual orientation/identity coming up that I’m hoping for a lot of feedback on, so please share and respond!

So when’s the last time you got tested for STIs? One of the best and/or worst things about being non-monogamous is that you’re a lot more aware of your risk for a sexually transmitted infection. (Oh yes, I’m being pretentious and using the proper term. )

On one hand, it’s a pain in the ass. The health department was efficient, if not truly quick, but I’ve never had a doctor completely ignore me and talk about her shoulder surgery to the nurse while shoving a speculum up my hoo-ha.  Believe me, I’ll be seeing my family doc from here on out.  I had to go over my lunch due to their STI clinic hours, and calling back for results was inconvenient as hell.

On the other hand though, I am STI free and can prove it.  Despite primarily having protected sex for the past year, this only lowers my risk, not removes it. And getting to a point in a relationship where condoms are not necessary is a good thing for me!   But I’m responsible not only for my sexual health, but also my partners’ health and their partners’ health.  My irresponsibility can affect them, and vice-versa, so it’s good non-monogamy to be tested on a regular basis. Kind of like getting a period even when you know you’ve used birth control, it’s that reassurance that I haven’t screwed anything up.

I don’t know any of my mono friends who get tested at all – at least no one’s told me!- but if anyone out there has experience to the contrary, let me know.



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