Time is Money… which is why there’s never enough of either.

Watch and coinsSo, I woke up this morning to a negative bank balance of WTF. How did this happen? I was $500 ahead, right? So I check my account and realize that I have fucked up royally.  I moved my already meager savings over to checking and then drove through an ATM on the way to work to deposit some money from my graduation (Mental note: I really need to finish my thank you notes…)

Does everyone cringe before looking at their bank account balance or is that just me?  Is this some habit of avoidance I’ve developed because I’ve always felt short on money? (Answer: Yes.) Or is it something that everyone does?

I’m not the only one in my poly group, flock, pod (yeah lets stick with pod) with money problems. It seems like everyone’s struggling with money and that directly affects whether we can see each other.  My trips to visit James and Donovan are already as sparse as they can get for us to function in a relationship. Will is significantly closer, more like an hour than 8 to 15 hours in the car, but that means that we see each other about once a week and it adds up quickly. When any of us are feeling the pinch, gas money seems to be the first to go.  And that sucks for all of us. This doesn’t even get into actually doing anything with each other – dinner, a movie, snacks for a gaming night all costs money.


  • Cooking for each other, and not by going out and buying something different and fancy. I make kick-ass dirty rice, from a box of Zatarain’s with some extra Creole seasoning on top.And I almost always have a box in my cabinet and some ground turkey or beef in the freezer.  Plus… leftovers are awesome.
  • Prioritizing visits. I may want to drive to see Will on Monday, but I don’t need to. We’ll see each other all the following weekend and oh yeah I’m broke right now

None of this is exciting new advice or anything, but it’s dealing with the little things that keep them from becoming big things. It’s something I’m relatively good at in relationships.Oh, a problem? Lets talk this out in extensive detail… But I am terrible at open and honest examination of myself when it comes to money.  Ultimately, I don’t have any magic solutions, other than applying for jobs that pay more.

Some day, maybe a large poly household where we all contribute and save so much money because we’re pooling our resources and only paying for one awesome internet account… right? Let me have my dreams!



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5 responses to “Time is Money… which is why there’s never enough of either.

  1. I’m “poly-friendly” (I’ve been a part of poly relationships, I’ve encouraged poly relationships in my past relationships and I’m also happy in monogamous ones) and a friend of mine is very happily poly. She and I discussed one day with her husband how amazingly great it would be to just have one big house with all of our loves in one place and have kids all in one place. It just seems like such a wonderful ideal. I was reminded of the conversation because of what you said in your last paragraph. It is, truthfully, one of my dreams. To be in a secure relationship (monogamous or poly), have a large house and have all of my loves (boyfriends/girlfriends or even just friends) in one big house, share finances, everybody gets their own space and everybody is happy. I mean, it’d be a lot more difficult than that but I think it’s a wonderful dream.

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