Sleeping Together is Awesome

“Couples may get health benefits simply from sleeping in the same bed, a burgeoning field of study is showing. In fact, some scientists believe that sleeping with a partner may be a major reason why people with close relationships tend to be in better health and live longer.”

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I’m a firm believer in this. Even when I sleep more ‘poorly’ in that I wake up more often in the night, I feel so much more well rested when I sleep with a partner. I spend most nights alone, and I just see such a big difference between how I feel in the morning – this is not even considering sex.

There’s another layer to it for me, as I’m an introvert who recharges faster when I’m with a partner. If I’m overwhelmed and stressed out and not able to be with one of my partners it’ll take me several days – either a weekend, or a full workweek to get back to normal (takes longer if I have to interact with people at work).  If I have a night with Will, who I see most often, I’ll feel better almost instantly and re-charge over the course of the evening. If I’m around other people with him, then I don’t feel like I get drained at all.

Spending the night just cements that attachment and security. It makes me happy. So read about this study, and cuddle up with someone tonight if you can!





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One response to “Sleeping Together is Awesome

  1. Pan

    Not always. My other works 3rd shift. And, there are nights I need him then nights he drives me nuts (wiggling in bed too much).

    His touch comforts and brings aggravation. Depends on several factors: time apart, disagreements, & moods.

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